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Pastor Jackson Senyonga

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Pastor Jackson Senyonga travels to nations and cities to address key churches and events to stimulate spiritual transformation through prayer, personal transformation and evangelism for church growth.


One of the key messages is "The Six Levels of Prayer" that has been used to turn around the nation of Uganda.

Six Levels of Prayer:

  • All homes under prayer
  • All churches under prayer
  • All communities under prayer
  • All cities under prayer
  • The nation under prayer
  • All nations under prayer
Personal Transformation

Its possible to succeed in life and achieve the impossible in Christ. You can overcome life’s limitation and spiritual restrictions to make a difference. Jackson says “ If Christ is in you, you are doomed for victory.”

Having been a part of this great move of God, comes a huge responsibility to share it. The Lord spoke to us, "You cannot keep this transformation, unless you're willing to give it away." Jackson feels God wants to transform churches, cities and nations in our generation. He feels the sense of mission to inspire hope in the hearts of leaders and churches to not only believe God can transform their churches and cities but that He will.

Jackson has shared this message of transformation on some of the largest platforms in American churches and city-wide meetings. Whether it's a city-wide pastors' meeting, political leaders or marketplace people, the message has found fertile ground in the hearts of men and has been implemented in many cities.

Evangelism and Church Growth

God has graciously grown Christian Life Church and miraculously turned her members into workers to the point that the harvest is out running the reapers. It’s because we are Living in a season of unprecedented growth. Pastor Jackson shares about the growth that God has triggered in Christian Life Church. It defies cultural restrictions to bring in the harvest of souls to the American churches and beyond.

Surely the grace to grow that God has given our church in Uganda is affecting the US churches where Pastor has shared at an exponential rate. Pastors across the country have reported seeing their churches grow significantly after only a few months of hearing Pastor Jackson's transformational message. This message on evangelism and church growth has caused church-wide bodies to move into extreme obedience to God in a spirit-led activity to go after souls.

If you are interested in having Pastor Jackson speak to your congregation, please contact Christian Life Ministries to explore an opportunity.